iPads In The Art Classroom

Below is a list of the iPad apps I will be using with my students in the classroom as we move forward with the 2016/17 school year.  I will be continuing with the applications that were successful this past year and also introducing many new ones.

The following is a funny video created by a group of five in our professional development.  A funny first try with green screen in May of 2015. The iPad prompts in the video were inspired by a presentation given to our school district by Zackary Walker as he shared his ideas found in Teaching The Last Backpack Generation, (Corwin, 2016).  A great read for those educators just starting out with technology, like myself.

Applications to be used in the Art Room at the middle school level:

Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides,  iMovie, Garage Band, Nearpod, iBooks, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Kahoot!, Seesaw, Explain Everything, Skitch, Socrative, Spark Video, LEGO Movie Maker, Venn, Scan, Speak and Translate, QR Reader, Blendoku, LINE Brush, NGA Kids, Scholastic Arts Magazine, Paper 53, Penultimate, Grid #, Colorfy, Inkflow, YouDoodle, Symmetry Lab, Forge, Photoshop Express, ChatterPix, Flicker, Pic Collage and some others that I will research for the next year.

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